It can be difficult knowing where your donations go. You want to see your efforts are making a difference. By donating to The Arc of Cape Cod your donation stays right here in your community and helps your neighbors. The Arc has a long dedicated and successful history of improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities. We want you to know who we are, what we do and how your donations help us all achieve. We encourage you to learn more about our achievements and ask questions. You can find a detailed history of or efforts under Who We Are. We've done a lot in 62 years but there is still more to be done. Get involved today!

What will your donation help achieve? 

The Gateway Program has been breaking the mold on services for people with developmental disabilities for over 20 years! The Gateway Program empowers it's members to be independent and to make their dreams a reality. Through you donations we are able to make sure their needs don't go unmet. After all, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our inherent rights, some of us just need a little help along the way. We encourage you to meet and learn more about some of your amazing neighbors that participate in this program just click on their stories below

Not your average Community Center 

We have big dreams for our community, not just for those we serve but for everyone that lives here! We have teamed up with the Cape Cod Media Center to build something special. Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor. We are building a one of a kind inclusive community center and your involvement is crucial. We will have a unique day program available to those we serve as one part of this center. It will focus on independence and the teaching people the life skills necessary to live on their own. This center will also offer classes for everyone including; cooking, art, crafts, provide recreational and fitness opportunities and a theatre. There will also be space for many diverse support groups from around the Cape.  We want to offer something for everyone. Help us all to build a shared future together.

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