Introducing Leah

Leah has a friendly and outgoing personality, like her friend Faith; she was born in the 1930’s. Leah, unlike many children at that time, grew up in a loving home with her family and later lived with her sister and her family.  She had a job washing dishes at a local hotel and several friends but she wanted to be more independent.

In 1981, Leah heard about The Arc of Cape Cod’s Independent Living Program, and stopped in with her sister to explore the possibility of living independently for the first time.  With the assistance of staff, Leah was soon living with a roommate who was also starting on the same adventure.  After a year, the roommates decided that they would prefer to live alone, so Leah moved to her own apartment in Hyannis. 

Once established in her own apartment Leah blossomed into a very energetic woman who was always busy.  One of her neighbors was Faith, and the two women quickly evolved into a dynamic duo living life to the fullest while working and being involved in a wide variety of community activities. 

Leah continues to be surrounded with friends and still maintains a regular schedule of activities and spending time with her friends.  Leah now lives with Faith and a support staff.  They continue to engage in activities both together and on their own.


In the coming weeks, we will be introducing more of the individuals we help to support along with videos of Faith and others sharing their experiences.