Meet Josh

We have raised $500.00 of our goal.

Joshua is a 23 year old man that lives at home with his mother and two siblings. Joshua and both of his siblings have developmental
delays, but Joshua also has many additional medical issues some of which being his visual and auditory impairments (he is both blind and deaf). Joshua is home with his mother 24 hours a day. Joshua’s favorite activities are swimming and water play. Water play has been a crucial therapy to prevent Joshua's body from becoming rigid and his muscles from atrophying.

Unfortunately, during the summer of 2017, the family pool broke down and the family has been unable to afford the repairs. As a result Joshua has only been able to have water therapy in the bath which does not give the space for full mobility therapy. Joshua has suffered from a loss of overall well-being, emotionally and physically from being unable to access the family pool.  

We are hoping the community will assist in helping fix the pool so Josh can get back his essential water therapy.

We are trying to raise $3,000 which will allow us to have the pool drained, cleaned, the necessary repairs to the pump completed and have the pool re filled for use.